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You can download these free here at my site. No registering, or signing up for anything is required. Times are difficult, and not everyone can afford even minor music purchases these days, so enjoy! Most of these are 20 second ringtone downloads - the 1st 7 below are played on a single djembe drum. I hope you like one enough to use it as your ringtone for awhile. Check em' all out. These were made from my 101 Drum Circle Rhythm CD's. (2 hours is only 10 bucks. Link is below) All of my drum circle CDs & rhythms CDs are also available at iTunes Amazon & most other mp3 retailers. Djembe drumcircles.net 51 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe drumcircles.net 42 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe drumcircles.net 41 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe drumcircles.net 40 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe drumcircles.net 34 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe drumcircles.net 30 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe drumcircles.net 15 mp3 Ring Tone Download

These are 20 second drum circle jam ring tones. Now your phone can be drummin' when you get a call. People will think you are pretty cool, or maybe kind of crazy. There's eight of them to choose from. If you are new to ringtones, contact your cell provider. Some basic info on how to use one below. Bellydance Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download
Didgeridoo Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe Jam Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download
Heartbeat Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download
Hip Hop Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download
Kaki Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download
King Kong Jam Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download
Screaming Man Drum Circle mp3 Ring Tone Download

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. Please consider picking up a set of my drum rhythms, or drum circle CD's. A 2 disc set is ten bucks + $2 shipping. That's a whole lotta of drum jammin'. Here's the page link:

To the Drum Circle MP3's Page

Thanks in advance if you choose to buy some music or my book from me. I really do appreciate it, and it helps me to do drum repairs and work in our community for groups with limited rec budgets.

The Wild Drum Circles page. Listen to a few full length mp3's. Both CD's $10 + $2 USA Shipping.
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My CD Baby Artist Page

My SoundCloud Drum Circle Music Page

101 Drum Circle Rhythms page. Both CD's for $10 + $2 USA Shipping. 2 Hours of 1 Minute Djembe Rhythms. Also available as mp3's on a single disc, and if you buy that way, I include a free drum circle jam CD.
To the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms page

Here's the home page with my 2 hour DVD 101 Drum Circle Rhythms & Live Drum Circle CDs. You can get the DVD & CD for $10 + $2 shipping. My 300 page book on hand drumming & drum circles is $8. Got a Kindle, or E-book reader? The Amazon Kindle or Nook price of my book is $8.

Physical copies are sold out, costa got to high. Here's the Kindle link:

Drum Circle Book On Amazon Kindle

Also, visit my drum circle finder page. You can locate drum circles, and drumming events near you in the state you live in. There's over 1000 listed and it's still growing. Also a global drum circle finder for other countries. These istings are updated weekly. It was established in 1999. Click the link below to go back to the drumcircles.net home page.

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If you are new to having a ringtone on your phone, & need a little help, I'm only familiar with with how to do it on some Motorola phones, and a few others. But with most phones. A call to your cellular provider, and they should be willing to talk you through it. With the phones I've owned, there is a data cable to hook it up to your PC. You navagate to the storage folder, (that should open auto). Then open that, look for a folder in there called audio. After you have downloaded the mp3 to your computer, you drag and drop the mp3 into that folder. Then unhook the phone, turn it on, and navigate to the mp3. You should then see an option to set it as a ringtone. (I hope.) The ringtones are free, the rest is up to you.

101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD

An effective way to keep a drumming program, or drum circle interesting, is to have a wide variety of rhythms to draw from. My 2 hour DVD of 120 hand drum rhythms makes ideal reference material. It's $10 & includes a free drum circle jam CD. The 120 rhythms can also be downloaded at most mp3 retailers for ten bucks, and also on 2 audio CD's for $10.

2 Hour DVD 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Link

14 Djembe Drum Circle Rhythm Samples. (Please note it's a wedding band tattoo on my finger, not an actual ring.)

I hope you enjoyed reading my page, and if you facilitate drum circles, some of my methods and writing helps you. If your group would like to have a facilitated drum circle, you can contact me at: drumcircles_net(at)hotmail.com Please email me with any questions. My rates are reasonable. I never share email addresses with anyone.
The proceeds from the sales of my drumming CD's, DVD's, and drum circle book helps me to do this kind of work in our community, and keep the website going. I try to provide them at as reasonable a cost as possible. As an independent artist, money is tight, so I always appreciate a product that is a good value for the cost. That's the idea behind my book, CD's and DVD.
There is increasing recognition of the health benefits of music therapy, particularly facilitated hand drumming. Below I offer my drum circle book, 101 rhythms DVD, and drum circle jam music for sale. Unfortunately, places where the people who benefit from what I do the most, have very limited budgets. I've never recieved any grants, assistance, or funding, and I don't endorse drum companies. If you would be willing to make a purchase of any amount to help me continue to provide therapeutic music to groups in St. Louis, it would help out a little. Please click on the purchase links below. Thanks in advance if you can pitch in a little. My book & DVD are solid if you are facilitating drum circles, or thinking about starting one up for your area, or group.
My 101 Drum Circle Rhythms video on Amazon. Over 2 hours of them. The full download to 2 devices is $8. Here's the link, or search on the title. 101 Drum Circle Rhythms (The DVD disc is a few bucks more.)
101 Drum Circle Rhythms Download Link
My 300 page drum circle book: "A Practical Guide Hand Drumming and Drum Circles" is also $8.
Drum Circle Book On Amazon Kindle
CdBaby link (Digital drum circle jam music) - They have "Wild Drum Circles" (Not on iTunes yet)
Drum Circle Music Download at CD Baby
iTunes link (Most of my digital drum circle music)
Drum Circle Jam Music at iTunes

If you are a filmmaker or video / TV producer all my tracks are licensed. Check CDBaby.com & listen to a few. A wide variety of cultures, styles, and tempos to choose from. Helps to set that perfect mood for a scene. Here's the website url: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SLRatigan - or click the CDbaby.com link below:

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