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A short sample of 6 Drum Circle Rhythms will play if you click below. It was compressed to a small bit rate so it would load quickly, so audio quality is reduced a little. Please keep in mind these are 10 second clips of each 1 minute rhythm.

6 Drum Circle Rhythm Samples

More Drum Circle Rhythms (As Ringtone Downloads - These are Free)

These are 20 second ringtone downloads, they are played on a single djembe drum. There's 7 of them. I hope you like one enough to use it as your ringtone for awhile. Check em' out. These were made from my 101 Drum Circle Rhythm CD's. 2 hours for 10 bucks. (Info below)

Djembe drumcircles.net 51 mp3 Ring Tone Download Djembe drumcircles.net 42 mp3 Ring Tone Download Djembe drumcircles.net 41 mp3 Ring Tone Download Djembe drumcircles.net 40 mp3 Ring Tone Download Djembe drumcircles.net 34 mp3 Ring Tone Download Djembe drumcircles.net 30 mp3 Ring Tone Download Djembe drumcircles.net 15 mp3 Ring Tone Download

Get 101 Drum Circle Rhythms on 2 CD's, or in mp3 format for $10.

The mp3's are also available at Amazon.com iTunes and most other mp3 retailers. There are links to get them below. The price is still $10 for both hours, but you don't get the free bonus disc of drum circle music. However you buy them, you can enjoy them on your phone, tablet, iPad, iPod, or mp3 compatable device. This may be the biggest collection of drum circle rhythms available anywhere. There is over 2 hours of them. 101 rhythms from around the globe, all about a minute long each. Actually there is 120 of them, but who's counting. Check out a drum rhythm sample or two below. African, Bellydancing, Afro-Cuban, Native American, Middle Eastern, World, Blues, R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock and Roll & lots more. I started doing these drum circle rhythms on CDs & DVD some years ago. I like to hear a new rhythm for a while so I can get into it, so each rhythm is about a minute long. There's no talking, or fluff. These rhythms from different cultures and countries were all put down on these 2 CDís for you to enjoy. Try them out at the drum circle, at gigs, just jamming with friends, or wherever. Listen to them in your home stereo, car, make MP3's for your iPod. Try them out alone or with friends on your djembe, doumbek, ashiko, congas, or any kind of hand drum. The reason I did this project is sometimes you just canít remember a new beat to start out with, or just want to pick up a few different beats to add to your collection. We all get out there now and then and think, ďI used up all the rhythms I know, and canít think of another one!Ē Well these 2 CD's should solve it, and keep you busy for quite some time. These are ideal reference material for drum circle facilitators, or someone who wants to get a drum circle started. One fun idea is to pop a CD in the stereo, (Or mp3's in your smartphone). After you have the beat, hit the stop button, & keep jamming on it. Then move on to the next one, & jam on that for a while. The time flys by. Some of these rhythms you will love, some you may not. Others may inspire you to change them around a little, and make them your own, depending on your own sense of drumming and style. Please keep in mind, this is not the only way to play these, it is just to give you an idea how I play them. Everyone's body and hands are different, every drum is different, so I expect you will change them around a little, and have a little fun with it. All 120 hand drum rhythms are played on a single djembe drum, & all are numbered individual tracks. There are 62 hand drum rhythms on CD one, and 58 drum rhythms on CD Two. As an independent artist, I always appreciate a good value for my money. That's the idea behind my CD's, helping fellow musicians, and artists to enjoy drumming more. You can order the 2 CD's below from me direct for $12.50 including shipping, anywhere in the USA by using the Paypal button below. If you live outside the USA, please use the Paypal button below this one. (It is $2 additional for shipping.)

For orders outside the USA, it's $2 additional for shipping to all other countries. Please use the button below:

For $10 you can get 120 Drum Circle Rhythms in mp3 format to put in your iPod from CD Baby. You can get just a few mp3 tracks also at CD Baby, an online retailer. It's a better deal to get the full 120 rhythms for $10. They're also available at most other mp3 retailers such as Rhapsody, Apple iTunes, Amazon, etc. for about the same price. You can purchase just a rhythm or two if you like for things like ringtones. Kind of a fun idea. You can get the full 2 hours of Drum Circle Rhythms on physical CD's or mp3's at Amazon.com as well. The UPC Barcode for them is 634479990137 Honestly, it helps out the most if you buy the CD's, or mp3's direct from me, and then rip them to your iPod or mp3 player. The funds help me to fund work in our community. Thanks in advance if you choose to purchase them.

To order the 120 Drum Rhythms mp3's, or 2 CD's at CD Baby, or to get just a few rhythms on mp3:

http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SLRatigan Or, click the CDbaby.com link below:
My CD Baby Artist Page

To order the 120 Drum Rhythms mp3's or some drum circle jams at iTunes search on the title, or use the link:

To order the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Mp3s at iTunes

You can also get the 2 CD's with my DVD as part of my Drum Circle Lovers 6 disk Pack for $40. Shipped (In the USA Only)

Drum Circle Lovers Deal 6 Pack - The 101 Rhythms DVD & 5 Drumming CD's

This is the best deal I offer. For the really hard core drum circle lover! 6 discs = $40 Shipped (USA Only) Here's what's included:

The DVD 101 Drum Circle Rhythms For The Hand Drum (2 hours & 12 Minutes) 2 CD's 101 Drum Circle Rhythms (2 Hours) (Great for the car sterio or iPod) 2 CD's Live Ultimate Drum Circles (78 minutes on each disc, good stuff!) The Clearwater Beach Drum Circle CD (78 minutes of great drum circle action) (You can substitute the Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set, for 2 of the other CDs. Just ask, and I will do it.) These six drumming CD's & DVD will keep you, or any other hand drummer busy, for a long, long time. And I hope it helps you to enjoy drum circles more. So, it's a total of 6 drumming discs for $40 including shipping anywhere in the USA. That's a pretty good value for your money. (Even today.) I have a few package deals with my rhythms DVD, and book, on the book link below these buttons.)

For all other countries, The Drum Circle 6 Disc Pack is $44 USD. That includes shipping

My 300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles". The price is $8.

ISBN: 0615274102 It comes with a free facilitated, yet freestyle drum circle jam CD.

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A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book Link

The Ultimate Drum Circles 2 CD Set, Wild Drum Circles CD's, Drum Circle Book, & more

Each CD is filled to the brim, at over 75 minutes long each. There is over two and a half hours total to listen to. All separate tracks averaging about 8 minutes each. Plenty of time so you can relax, and really settle into a good groove. These live recordings vary from grooving, meditative, and passionate, right on up to riveting, rocking, and exciting. They are some of the most enjoyable drum circle musical pieces I have ever participated in, in my life, and I've been attending drum circles for some 30 years now. They are drum circles from all around the state of Florida. All of them here in one large collection. You will hear drummers doing call and response, and many other magical things going on. You can hear and feel how much fun, and excitement everyone is having. I promise you, youíre going to love this 2 CD set. None of it was planned out. It is just the way it happened, and it all sounds pretty amazing. You can hear a 7 minute sample by clicking on the link below. It's compressed to an mp3 (96kbs) so it will load a little faster. It's 7MB in size. You can hear a few more of them at the link on the home page.)

Ultimate Drum Circles Mp3 Sample

For more detailed information on the Drum Circles 2 CD set, click the link below.

There are also some original Watercolor paintings of drum circles and bellydancers, and some Cafe Press merch for sale. Plus lots more for you, or your favorite drummer.

Live Drum Circle CD's, MP3's, Merch, & More Page

Feel free to email me with any questions about drum circles, drums, or anything else. I'm happy to help. I respect your privacy, and never give email addresses out to anyone.

You can email me at: drumcircles_net(at)hotmail.com

If you are a filmmaker or video / TV producer all my tracks are licensed. Check CDBaby.com & listen to a few. A wide variety of cultures, styles, and tempos to choose from. Helps to set that perfect mood for a scene. Here's the website url: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SLRatigan - or click the CDbaby.com link below:

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