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The YouTube clip above is from my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD (or instant video). Buy the DVD & you get a free drum circle mp3 CD disc. Both discs for $15 shipped to anywhere in the USA. (Also, on Amazon & Ebay for a few bucks more.) Please keep in mind on the video above, rhythms are 15 second clips. On the DVD each rhythm is about a minute long. You can also get a digital download on Amazon for $8. The link for it is below the Paypal button.) No free CD though.

My 101 Drum Circle Rhythms on Amazon. Over 2 hours of them. The full download to 2 devices is $8. Here's the link, or search on the title. Physical DVD's are there for a few bucks more also. The UPC Barcode is: 634479994692 - This webpage was last updated 2020

101 Drum Circle Rhythms Download Link

Scroll down for more detailed info, & some buyer reviews. The idea behind my DVD was offering as much material as possible to fellow artists, & musicians at a low cost. You would be buying direct from the artist. (me) If you choose to buy it, thanks in advance for helping out, I really appreciate it.

The proceeds from sales of my DVD, drum circle music, & Kindle book go towards work with various groups in our community, it helps with drum repairs, (it happens.), & maintaining the drum circle finder website. Drum circles bring people together from all walks of life, and we need that now more than ever. Picking up a copy will help us out. I sell both direct here, at Amazon & Ebay. It helps out the most if you purchase direct from me here.

A screen shot still from my DVD is below. What appears to be ring on my finger, is a wedding band tattoo. I'm not really into them, but I had to keep taking my ring off to drum, so I did it about 12 years ago. In the video each drum circle rhythm is numbered, so you can easily refer back to the ones you like. There's a YouTube video clip below the paypal buttons, just scroll down a little and check it out.

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The full DVD is also on Amazon or Ebay for a few bucks more. It's $14.99 Including shipping if you purchase it from me direct. A 70 minute free drum circle music jam CD is included with it if you purchase it here.

Amazon Link: My DVD or Instant Video on Amazon Page Link (Please scroll down for the Drum Circle Lovers 6 Pack: The Rhythms DVD, & 5 other drumming CDs for $40. Includes USA shipping.)

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I released my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD in 2007. There are 124 Interesting and fun hand drumming rhythms from around the world. African, Belly Dancing, Afro-Cuban, Native American, Irish, Middle Eastern, Jamaican, Taiko, Funk, Soul, Blues, R & B, and Rock & Roll. Each rhythm is about a minute long, plenty of time to really get into them. These rhythms are perfect for drum circles, facilitators, teachers, gigs, workshops, dancers, learning to drum, just jamming alone, or with your friends. They give you a great starting point to improvise from.

A great way to keep a drum circle fresh, fun, and interesting, is to have lots of different rhythms to play. This DVD is an ideal resource for that. Then all you need is the right drum for yourself. One that's right for your hands, your body, and your soul.

The DVD was professionally recorded in a production studio, It's a lot of material. These ethnic drum rhythms are challenging enough for intermediate level to experienced musicians, yet easy enough so that someone new to hand drumming can grow into them. These are great for getting a drum circle started, or as a resource for drum circle facilitators so they have a large body of reference material to draw from. The main focus was on giving you as much material as possible on a single DVD. You will always have a good rhythm at the ready. The editor asked me if I would rather have a nice menu, or an extra 4 rhythms on the DVD. I opted for the extra material.

I wanted to create what I would want in a rhythms DVD. Just show me the rhythms...let me hear them clearly and cleanly. No talking, no angles, other parts, or cool effects. Just let me see and hear them up close for long enough to figure them out.

I'm left handed, so when you watch the video it's like looking into a mirror, which makes it a snap to pick these rhythms up quickly if you're right handed. If your DVD player has an A - B loop function, you can loop a single rhythm to play over and over. (or slo-mo)

I have a drum circle lover's 6 disc pack for $40 also. That's a whole lot of material, and a pretty good deal for the price.

When you buy from me, I always email back to confirm I received your payment within 2 days. I mail all orders out within 3 business days after payment. I don't like to wait a long time for things I order online either. If you arn't comfortable with online orders, and would rather order by check, please email me. I can only do it with the DVD or CDs. (And in the USA only please.)

I do some charity work for groups with limited recreational budgets. There's some wear and tear on the musical instruments that I provide. I don't receive any funding, and never have. The proceeds from the sales of my drum jam CD's, DVD's, and drum circle book help me to keep things going, and to be able to continue working for organizations who benefit from it the most. In a small way, the drum circles I host & facilitate help to bring people together. Right now here in St. Louis we need that. If you can pick up my DVD, or my digital music it will help me to continue this work.

As an independent artist, money is tight, so I always appreciate a product that is a good value for the cost. That's the idea behind my book, DVD, and CD's. I've kept the price the same since 2007. If you choose to purchase something from me, thanks in advance for helping out. Please also check out my drum circle music jam CDs, (or mp3s online - iTunes etc.) My 300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles" is $8 on Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

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Here's a pic of me from back in the day jamming on tour. (I've put on a few years, & a few pounds since then!)

A few buyer reviews of my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD:

This is an EXCELLENT learning video, no rambling explanations, just a wealth of different drum rhythms that allow you to watch the technique and train your ear to hear the patterns. Wonderful. -- Cora C.

Nowadays you can find drumming lessons for beginners in various forms. But after a few months, after you start to advance in your skills, it is much harder to find suitable materials. This is where this DVD steps in - I can really recommend it to intermediate players and beginners. Intermediate players will find plenty of material for practice and improve technique and rhythm knowledge. Beginners can also have great benefits by studying provided patterns and start to use them to gradually improve. You can use the material on DVD to learn provided rhythms or for soloing inspiration. Phrases are recorded with ghost notes, so you can learn to use them to fill in the patterns, or you can practice without them to improve sense for pulse and rhythm. Phrases can be used with PC or MAC software players to continuously repeat selected phrase (as background for solo and improvisation practice), to speed it up or slow it down while learning. Huge amount of material is provided for such symbolic price, so price-performace ratio is exceptional. Those two hours provide months of inspiration, so I can recommend this DVD to anyone who would like to learn and improve on djembe and other percussion instruments. -- Drazen T.

This DVD is laid out in a very smart manner; each rhythm is performed long enough to learn it; practice for a while, do another one the next day (that's what I'm doing, anyway). I am new to the djembe and hand percussion in general (read: total newbie), and this DVD makes it easy. If there is ever a second one in this series I will buy it. If you're just getting into hand percussion I suggest you try this out. The rhythms are also translatable to my cajon, which I am also just starting. -- Steve S.

I'm a newbie hand drummer with both a visual monkey see monkey do learning style as well as hearing the rhythm or reading notation. The dvd has very good lighting and sound. With the close framing of hands and drum, its easier to follow the strokes and practice the pattern. I also purchased the book "A practical guide to hand drumming and drum circles". It is also very useful and well done. From info on how to choose a drum to helping children learn to drum while not breaking the equipment, there is a broad range of subjects to help share the fun and gain proficiency. Both were well worth the money! -- Jason A.

This DVD is extremely helpful for anyone wanting to learn how to play a hand drum. I had some short lessons in central Africa and then returned home, with a drum, but without the money to pay for lessons. Since I'm a graduate student and without much extra cash, I figured I could easily find videos on youtube and other online sources and not have to pay for anything. I found I was largely mistaken-that most videos on youtube are not in fact for beginners-even the ones that say they are. They were also nearly impossible to learn from because of the angles of the drummers, the speed of the drumming and the poor quality of the videos. This one is excellent! -- Arthur T.

I like to support local artists, so when I saw the Ratigan DVD I figured I would try it out-still trying to save the money for a teacher. And I was so pleased to view it. It was exactly what I was looking for. It is helpfully broken up into sections to make electronic scrolling easy. Ratigan gives the perfect amount of time for each beat, and begins them slowly so you can watch his hands and then emulate. His DVD really is quite a good idea-compiling 125 beats for drummers at any level. The DVD is a great resource for anyone. My friends and I have been breaking it out at dinner parties just to get us going on our djembes. Also, I joined a drum circle and this DVD helped immensely to get me up to speed to be able to drum with everyone. I use the DVD for a bit before going to the drum circle, as a kind of warm up. As you can see, I highly recommend it. -- Nicole C.

I run drum circles for folks who have either never touched a drum in their life or are VERY experienced players looking for something different to do. My problem is that I am not very inventive with rhythms to teach as I just play what I feel and that usually winds up being the same pattern over and over again. This DVD is amazing. It actually has 125 different rhythms in groups of 5 per DVD "track" and is very easy to follow. Shannon is a lefty so it's like you are playing in a mirror if you are a right handed drummer. I have already put together two pieces with three different rhythms each to put together at my next circle. I will be using this DVD for a LLOONNGG time. Thank you Shannon for making this! -- Eric O.

101 Drum Circle Rhythms is great for people who know nothing about drumming! This DVD was amazing. I work for a non profit and we wanted to work with our children on drumming circles. This DVD taught us all in very easy, simple steps. Thanks for creating a DVD that is geared toward all. -- Heather H.

An interesting DVD on hand drumming. The Ratigan DVD has a simple format, he introduces the DVD in about 10 seconds, and the rest of it is just a view of his hands on top of a djembe, playing rhythm after rhythm, for about a minute each. He uses simple hand technique that anyone (even me, with my two left hands) can easily follow. You watch the hands, hear the sound, and play along. A great way to practice hand drumming on my own. -- Richard K.

I purchased the DVD, "101 Drum Circle Rhythms" and was very pleased with this product. It shows a myriad of drum rhythms to add to any drum circle. I am mostly a visual learner, and the techniques used on the DVD are very helpful. Each rhythm is demonstrated an appropriate amount of time to allow you to pick up the rhythm and play along. I am very pleased with the versatility of the drum rhythms. This DVD is an asset for anyone who plays in a drum circle, and has something for everyone - from the basic to advanced drummer. This DVD has been a great tool to add to my kit bag and it is well worth the investment. -- Tom H.

I live in Brazil and I like this DVD very much. I apreciate the rhythms and also the way it was filmed. It contains plenty of beautiful rhythms to learn and play. And they are presented in a very simple form to catch them. I would recommend this DVD to someone like me who wants to become a Drum Circle Facilitator, or to someone who likes drumming and needs original rhythmic ideas. -- Buddy D.

I absolutely love this DVD and highly recommend it! I find it to be super helpful as a beginner drummer and I can imagine that it can seriously inspire creativity and improvisation from experienced drummers! I can see myself learning from this DVD for years to come as there are so many rhythms to play with. The DVD is divided into 5 rhythms per section, which are highly digestible. Therefore, I'm focusing on learning 5 rhythms at a time. I really like watching the drumming hand movements and the rhythms last just long enough for me to be able to catch on to the style and flow. Each rhythm varies enough, and it's surprising just how many there are, 125 of them! -- Abi R.

This product was exactly what I was looking for - a no frills demonstration of hand drum rhythms. I wanted something that both the beginners and the more experienced hand drummers in our group would benefit from and this fit the bill perfectly. A little hand drumming experience would be helpful since this isn't meant to teach you HOW to play, but if you have played a hand drum at least a few times and are looking to expand your rhythm repertoire, this is a great resource. And the customer service was great too. -- Jessica O.

I'm new to djembe playing, this was just what I wanted after learning the basic bass, tone and slap! It has taken me from a drum thumper to a rhythm player making drum circles much more fun. The variety of all the rhythms is amazing, something for everyone. The greatest thing is that the rhythms are clear, precise and long enough for even newbies to catch. Never fear it is not Just for newbies, the incredible number of rhythms allow you to be challenged regardless of your expertise and happily stimulates creativity. A fun find! -- Kendra N.

For Ordering the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD, or Instant Video at Amazon. The link below redirects you to their website. Or, just search on the title. (There's also an iTunes link, it is just below Amazon.) 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD at Amazon.com

If you have the Kindle app, you can get the video right now at Amazon.com - It's perfect for your phone, iPad, Kindle Fire, PC, xbox, PS4, and other devices. Set that tablet up on a music stand, and get right to some drumming fun. You can enjoy these rhythms right away at home, take them with you on the go, and have them all at your fingertips. (when you do order physical copies, I ship all orders out within 2 business days, so you do receive them pretty quickly. The Amazon instant video link is here, or just search on the title at their website. 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Instant Video at Amazon.com

Drum Circle Lovers Deal: 6 Disc Pack - The 101 Rhythms DVD & 5 Drumming CD's $40 Includes USA Shipping

For the really hard core drum circle lover! $40 Shipped (In the USA Only.) Here's what's included:

The DVD 101 Drum Circle Rhythms For The Hand Drum (2 hours, 12 Min. long) 2 CD's 101 Drum Circle Rhythms (2 Hours) (Great for the car sterio or iPod) 2 CD's Live Ultimate Drum Circles (78 minutes on each disc, good stuff!) The CD Clearwater Beach Drum Circle (78 minutes of great drum circle action) (You can substitute my Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set, for the 2 other rhythms CDs. Just ask, and I will do it.) These six drumming CD's & DVD will keep you, or any other hand drummer busy, for a long, long time. And I hope it helps you to enjoy drum circles more. So it's a total of 6 drumming discs for $40 including shipping anywhere in the USA. That's a pretty good value for your money. (Even today.) The sales of this, help me to fund work in our community, and keep this website going.

For all other countries, The Drum Circle 6 Disc Pack is $46 USD. That includes shipping

My 300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles". ($8 Kindle or Nook)

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A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book Link

Physical copies are sold out. Here's the Kindle link:

Drum Circle Book On Amazon Kindle

Check out a few more of the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms in this YouTube video. There are 14 more here, each about a minute long, just like they are on the 2 hour DVD. Actually, there is 120 of them, but who's counting. I hope you enjoy a bunch of them.

Here's two 4 minute drum circle mp3's from the CD that's included free with my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD: More Cowbell Drum Circle CD mp3 Download 1 Almost Fanga Drum Circle CD mp3 Download 2

To order the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Audio on 2 CD's - The price is still $12.50 delivered to your door. Also some other drum circle CD's, and percussion - merch for sale. Here is the link to check them out:

< 101 Drum Circle Rhythms on 2 CD's link

For $15 you can get the full 2 hours of 101 Drum Circle Rhythms in mp3 format at most mp3 retailers such as Amazon, iTunes, etc. The UPC Barcode 634479990137 or search on the title to find them. It helps out the most if you buy them direct from me here. Here's the website url: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SLRatigan - or click the CDbaby.com link below:

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Here's a link for more info on the Amazon Instant Video & Downloading the full 2 hour 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Video

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Thanks in advance for helping to support independent artists, and music. I really do appreciate it.

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