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You can listen to these drum circle mp3's, or download some of them free here at my website. No registering, or signing up for anything is required. Times are difficult, and not everyone can afford even minor music purchases these days, so I want to provide these free of charge. If you do choose to purchase something, thanks in advance for helping out. More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1

More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2

Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1

Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2

The drum circle mp3's above are a taste of the free CD included with my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD. The DVD is over 2 hours of rhythms, and the CD is 78 minutes of live drum circle action. It's facilitated, yet freestyle.

This bellydance drum circle track is pretty good. It's from the Wild Drum Circles double album set:

BellyDancing Drum Circle Jam 2 mp3 Download

Here's the link to the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms page. You can get both the 2 hour DVD, & Drum Jam CD for $10.

Link To The 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Page

Check out The Ultimate Live Drum Circles page. Listen to a few full length mp3's below. ($10 for both CD's)
It's a jammin' double album 2 1/2 hours worth.

Link To The Ultimate Live Drum Circle CD's Page

My other double album: Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set. You can get these 2 CD's for $10 also. The CDs from me, & mp3s at most online retailers. Both double albums are $10 at CD Baby. Or, click the link below:

My CD Baby Artist Page
More about the Wild Drum Circles Double Album:

Link To The Wild Drum Circles Page

There are 23 separate tracks in this 2 CD set, each is about 7 minutes long, plenty of time to relax, & get into it.

Drum Circle Lovers Deal 6 Pack - The 101 Rhythms DVD & 5 Drumming CD's $40 Including USA Shipping

For the really hard core drum circle lover! $40 Shipped (USA Only) Here's what's included:

The DVD 101 Drum Circle Rhythms For The Hand Drum (2 hours, 12 Min. long) 2 CD's 101 Drum Circle Rhythms (2 Hours) (Great for the car sterio or iPod) 2 CD's Live Ultimate Drum Circles (78 minutes on each disc, good stuff!) The CD Clearwater Beach Drum Circle (78 minutes of great drum circle action) (You can substitute my Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set, for the 2 other rhythms CDs. Just ask, and I will do it.) These six drumming CD's & DVD will keep you, or any other hand drummer busy, for a long, long time. And I hope it helps you to enjoy drum circles more. So it's a total of 6 drumming discs for $40 including shipping anywhere in the USA. That's a pretty good value for your money. (Even today.) The sales of this, help me to fund work in our community, and keep this website going.

For all other countries, The Drum Circle 6 Disc Pack is $46 USD. That includes shipping

I ship every order out USPS First Class mail, within 3 business days after payment. I respect people's privacy, and never share email addresses with anyone.

Drum Circle & Bellydance Goodies at

Lots of great looking Drum Circle merchandise at - Plenty of cool items starting at $5. Choose from various items of clothing, shirts, hats, drink bottles, coffee cups, calanders, gift cards, prints, stickers, iPad iPhone cases, and lots more, with one of these images on them. These two are original watercolor art by my wife. Many of these items make a great gift for yourself, loved one, or favorite drummer. Nothing says "I love you" like a pair of boxer shorts with a "Drum Circle" on the back. The "Hafla" bellydance art looks great on T-shirts, posters, and other items.

[IMAGE: hafla bellydance watercolor art photo]

"Hafla Bellydancing Watercolor Painting" Items at Link

[IMAGE: drum circle watercolor art photo]

"Drum Circle Watercolor Painting" Merch at Link

[IMAGE: drumming hands photo]

"Drumming Hands" Merch at Link

[IMAGE: djembe drum photo 5]

"Djembe Drum" Merch at Link

[IMAGE: wild drum circles bellydance watercolor art photo]

"Wild Drum Circles Bellydance Watercolor Painting" Items at Link

Visit The 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Audio CD's Page. Free Djembe Drum Ringtones + More

Pick out one of the 7 free drum circle rhythm ringtone downloads for your phone. When the phone rings, people think you are very cool, or a little bit strange - but it's fun to see their reactions! Try one on. If you choose to buy the 2 hours of hand drum rhythms, the price for both CD's is $12.50 delivered to your door. Here is the link to check them out:

101 Drum Circle Rhythms Ringtones & 2 CD's link

101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD, & Free Drum Circle Jam CD $10

Below are 14 minutes from my 2 hour hand drum rhythms DVD. What appears to be ring on my finger, is a wedding band tattoo. I'm not really into tattoos, but I had to keep taking my wedding ring off to drum, so I did it about 10 years ago. In the video each drum circle rhythm is numbered, so you can easily refer back to the ones you like. The DVD & a free drum circle jam CD are $15. (For both discs + $2 shipping.) There's two 7 minute YouTube video samples below. Try a few out. The full DVD - or Amazon Instant video is 2 hours of this, each rhythm about a minute long.

101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD Page Link

300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles" is $8 on Kindle or Nook

If your desire is to get much more in depth with this, please consider picking up my book. It goes into all kinds of drumming topics. For example, starting a drum circle, or drumming program, and how to keep it fresh and interesting for all different kinds of groups. I cover all of this, and much more in great detail. The link to my drum circles blog is there as well. You can get a good sample of it from there. The page link for it is below. (The book is $8 on Kindle, but no free CD.)

[IMAGE: drum circles book]

A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book Link

Grab one or more of 15 drum circle or djembe ringtones & let your phone have some fun. They are free downloads. No strings.

My Free Drum Circle & Djembe Ringtones Page Link

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The proceeds from the sales of my drumming CD's, DVD's, and drum circle book helps me to do this kind of work in our community, and keep the website going. I try to provide them at as reasonable a cost as possible. As an independent artist, money is tight, so I always appreciate a product that is a good value for the cost. That's the idea behind my book, CD's and DVD.
There is increasing recognition of the health benefits of music therapy, particularly facilitated hand drumming, which is what I do for a living. Unfortunately, places where the people who benefit the most, such as DEAF, senior centers and special needs orgs can not afford to pay for this. I have never recieved any grants, assistance, or funding. If you would be willing to make a purchase or contribution of any amount to help me continue to provide therapeutic music to groups like this, it would help out a little. Please click on the purchase links, or donate at the Paypal button below the links. Thanks in advance if you can pitch in a little.
My 101 Drum Circle Rhythms video is on Amazon. Over 2 hours of them. The full download to 2 devices is $8. Here's the link, or search on the title. 101 Drum Circle Rhythms
101 Drum Circle Rhythms Download Link
My 300 page drum circle book: "A Practical Guide Hand Drumming and Drum Circles" is also $8.
Drum Circle Book On Amazon Kindle
CdBaby link (Digital drum circle jam music) - They have "Wild Drum Circles" (Not on iTunes yet)
Drum Circle Music Download at CD Baby
iTunes link (Most of my digital drum circle music)
Drum Circle Jam Music at iTunes
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If you are a filmmaker or video / TV producer all my tracks are licensed. Check & listen to a few. A wide variety of cultures, styles, and tempos to choose from. Helps to set that perfect mood for a scene. Here's the website url: This website, music, text, & photos Copyright Shannon Ratigan All Rights Reserved.