Delmar Loop & Forest Park Drum Circle

The Delmar Loop drum circle is located outdoors across from the Bread Company, on Delmar at the Loop at 6565 Delmar (A pub that has changed hands a few times over the years. It's on the same block as Starbucks.) If you get close driving by, and it's going on, you can hear it. The drum circle is on the edge of their property, and there has been changes of ownership through the years. Some more friendly about the drum circle than others, yet it has survived the test of time. The new owners seem to be cool with it. It was a sports bar pub called Market Pub House the last time around. It usually starts Sunday about 4pm.

Every week is a different experience. Some drummers are regulars, & others show up once a month or so. You'll see everything from seasoned musicians who just want to kick back & jam, to beginners who are trying out their new drum, & everything inbetween. Young & old, people from all backgrounds & different cultures all come together, get along, & communicate through the music. There are plenty of curious onlookers, & people who just come by to enjoy the positive vibe. Everybody is welcome, - it doesn't matter if you play a drum or not. It's always a fun drum circle, & I love attending as often as I can. The Delmar Loop has had a few shot shut-downs over the years, but has lasted the test of time. It's at it's regular location on Sundays about 4 pm - 7 pm. This long established drum circle has been surviving various things and is still going on for some 25 years now (spring to winter). Generally speaking, if it's over 50 degrees outside, the Loop drum circle is happening.

The Forest Park drum circle: If coming from Clayton Ave. go North on Skinker, enter on Wells Dr. take 2nd left to the park. Skinker & Clayton Rd (near hwy 40/64), turn on a street called Wells. Kennedy Forest entrance is the 2nd left on a street 1/2 mile down Wells Dr. There's a sign. Drumming is Sunday by the pavilion, (Or at one of the other pavilions along Wells Dr.)

This drum circle starts about 4pm until about 7 or dark. The STL Forest Park drum circle still is on Sundays, but no longer around the Grand Basin. They pretty much play wherever they can. It's sort of turned into a drum circle flash mob that meets along Wells at this tree about 4pm. They either play there, or sometimes move to any pavilion or area that opens up nearby. If you are driving Down Wells Drive. If it is happening, ou will see and/or hear them. This circle tends to move around the park since it was chased from the fountain area by the golfers in 2013.

Drum Circle Flash Mob seemed to have a better ring to it.

Good drumming, good music, & great vibes at Forest Park. Look for it along Wells Drive.

(*Below is from Last Year*) A few pop and lock dancers joined in for the 1st drum circle of the season at The Delmar Loop in St. Louis. They certainly amped up the fun, (among many others - freestyle, dub step, animators, bellydancers). Here's 9 minutes from a 3 hour jam with all the great musicians that attend this drum circle that's been ongoing for over 23 years. One of the most organic cultural events on the Loop.

The U-City Delmar Loop arts and entertainment district. Voted One of the 10 Great Streets in America. A lively 6 block walk of fame, with 100's of eclectic shops, restaraunts, street musicians, & numerous live music entertainment venues. But unless you hear the groovin' beats walking by, you might not know about the Delmar Loop drum circle. It has been going on every Sunday around 4pm for over 23 years. The circle gets little publicity, which is why I created this unofficial official webpage.

Usually after the Loop drum circle ends at 7pm it moved to Forest Park. It's either at, or just past The Grand Basin. It starts about 8pm and goes till 10. It has a different vibe than The Loop drum circle, because lots of different people show up. I would say it's a bit more laid back, but still a real fun drum circle. It is a spectacularly beautiful & scenic place to drum (even on a cloudy day) that's close to the road, but still close to nature. The sound of lighted water fountains in the background sound like rainsticks. I got to go there and drum a few dozen times before it was shut down, and was forced to relocate in 2013.

If coming from Skinker Blvd. turn East at Forsyth / Lagoon Drive and go about 1/2 mile. You'll see & hear it on the right. It's near the street, at the base of the basin. Fire spinners are across the street. What's fun about this, is you can go to 2 different drum circles in one day, and they are only a few miles apart. For a lot of people, it's playing 3 hours at The Loop, & then 2 more at Forest Park. That was doin' it STL style.

Lots of hulahoopers grooving to the beat at this drum circle. Saw this sign a while back and cracked up.

Back to memories of The Loop drum circle:

Perhaps the world could learn something from this. The drum circle is family friendly, no drinking or drugs.

One thing you can always count on, is excellent drumming & dancing. All sorts of dancers that join in as you can see. Lots of movement to drum to. And for the dancers, lots of choice drumming to connect with. Many of them just happen by & get drawn in to the center by the beat! The drum circle is weather permitting & ends at 7pm. So get there early!

100 years ago streetcars like this one sitting on Delmar came from the downtown area & looped around, giving the area its name. They have recently brought back the streetcars, with routes going from the Loop to the Park, not sure beyond that.

It wasn't me. I didn't do it.

6 minutes from the Delmar Loop Earth Day drum circle. (Some smokin' drumming!)

I'm having too much fun drumming to shoot video, so I handed my camera to a bystander and he shot this footage for me. The Loop drum circle has been going on for a long time. Check YouTube, there's loads of videos from this circle on there.

Not in the Saint Louis area? Locate a drum circle near you with my drum circle finder, and be a part of it.

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More About Drum Circles:

Most drum circles are truly an amazing experience to witness. People from around the world show up for one reason, to play the drums together, be creative, and just have fun. Somehow, it all sounds great. It's drum circle magic.

The styles of the drum circle rhythms we play ranges from Latin, African, Carribbean, Middle Eastern, to some plain old funky Freestyles. We jam out for 10 - 15 minutes. Then somehow, it stops. We take a breath, and somebody starts it up again with a new drum beat. Then everyone joins in, finding their own unique place in the mix.

A community drum circle is fun for everyone, including the onlookers, some of whom are just innocently walking by, get caught up by the drumming beat and begin to watch. Then ever so slowly they begin to move a little, then more & more. Gradually they head to the center of the circle and start groovin'. It's kind of amusing to watch this process. Gradually, they always give in to the rhythm. They haven't got a chance. It always overcomes them, and in they go. Even the shyest of types can only hold out for about five minutes. It happens every time, It never fails. That drum rhythm is going to get you. Some of them are good enough to be professionals, others just expressing themselves.

The fascinating thing is the variety of styles you see. Just as the drumming frequently takes an ethnic turn, so does the dancing. Every kind you can imagine, from all sorts of different countries. Many of the drum circle participants come dressed according to their cultures, or just their own personal sense of style. A lot of them show up just to unwind from a long week, and let off a little stress. There's nothing like a little drumming to help you relax. I need to go to a good drum circle at least once a week or I just feel like I have missed something.

Many of these dancers are really good, and as the drum beat drives them, they drive the beat. As the drummers express rhythm through sound, they express it through movement. And as they move in front of the drummers, the musicians play harder. As a result, it goes on and on, until it's like being in a trance! It usually drives us to the point of exhaustion, but who cares? It's just way too much fun.

Some of the drummers, and onlookers are from different cultures and don't even speak the same language. Most use native drums from their own countries. Djembes, congas, doumbeks, ashikos, bongos, & many other smaller percussion instruments.

You never know what you will see. Washboards, shakers, rattles, wood blocks, bells, tambourines, triangles, zils, and many other home made gadgets. (Or what some of us call "junk percussion".) Once I saw a guy with an old cowbell that looked like he grabbed it right off the farm. Yo dude...More Cowbell! Seriously though, a lot of people go to drum circles for the healing benefits, & it's also a social outlet. Everyone there is in a good mood & having fun.

There is always a lot of variety in the drumming experience. Occasionally, someone with something other than a percussion instrument will show up to add a hint of melody floating over the beat, like a wood flute, dideridoo, or something. The sort of unspoken drum circle rule is that you need your own instrument of some kind, and then you can trade with other drummers and try drums others have brought. Many will let you try theirs out if you ask, and treat it with respect.

The drums do the talking, in a musical event that has pretty much swept the world, now called a drum circle. You can hear things like the "Call & Response", "The Echo", and many other forms of drumming communication. None of this is planned, or performed for anyone, it just happens spontaneously. We do it because we just love doing it, & we build a sense of community together. The international blend of characters is what makes a drum circle such a good time for the drummers, the dancers, and even the onlookers. Every drum circle is different, even at the same place. Some drum circles are facilitated by someone, and others are freestyle. (Or tribal.) The Loop is freestyle.

I was a very selfconcious kid, and music helped me to deal with, and overcome that. I was also hyperactive, and playing the drums gave me an outlet for it. Many drum circles are family friendly - it's something positive and fun to do with your kids. It may help them too - even encourage them to join school band.

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