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I live in the Saint Louis area. I provide facilitated drum circles for various groups, events & parties. My rates include the equipment, loading, set-up, facilitating the drum circle, and one hour travel both ways. I will work with you and your staff to create a customized drum circle, drumming lessons, and/or teach drum circle facilitation training to meet your needs.

Dr. Hammesfahr observed my work for over 3 years. He referred many of his patients to me for drumming lessons. The results, and improvements of the patients in just a matter of months were stunning.

PARC is an adult special needs population. I worked for them on a regular basis, and helped get the group out into the public drumming at various venues. Many of their functions were closed to the public, so this was a pretty big accomplishment. It culminated with an Earth Day performance including the local drumming community up on a band stage in front of a crowd of 100's. Seeing their beaming smiles, was one of the most meaningful days of my life.

This was the Great American teach In. A day of drum circles with kids (K through 6th grade) I've worked a lot in both private and public schools. Both as special events, and as ongoing programs. Kid's birthday parties also. Have a look at my drum circles with children webpage: Drum Circles With Kids

Drum circles for at risk youth at the Sheriff's Youth Ranch

Drum Circle Workshop at the Dunedin Fine Art Center 2006 - 2007

I got the idea, and started this weekly drum circle at the Dunedin Brewery back in 2005. I organized, promoted, and facilitated it for over 2 years. It still goes on to this day, some 9 years later. It makes me happy that I had a lasting effect on the community. Many night spots, pubs, and cafe's are struggling to find working formulas for their slower weeknights. This might be the ideal kind of ongoing event for you. They loved the results.

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I offer spiritual drum circles for all groups. Churches, new age, & other denominations. I hosted drum circles with Father Bob & Rector Becky at the Church of the Good shepherd for 5 years, in both recreational, and formal services.

Drum circles at Festivals, Events, and Conventions. Always an interactive crowd pleaser!

If you have a question, or comment about my drum circle prices: Email me below. I respect your privacy, and I never share email addresses with anyone. Thanks.

You can contact me at drumcircles_net(at)hotmail.com or use the link: To Email Me With Questions

Here's the link to my 300 page drum circle book. Physical copies are also available from me at Amazon.com

Drum Circle Book On Amazon Kindle

Check out my home page with the 2 hour DVD of 101 Drum Circle Rhythms available for $17 shipped. Also visit my drum circle finder, where you can locate drum circles in your state, and worldwide. There is over 1000 listed and it's still growing. I started it back in 1999. These listings are updated regularly. Please click the link below to go back to the drumcircles.net main page. This website, text, music, & photos Copyright Shannon Ratigan All Rights Reserved.

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