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Most of the drums I had for sale are gone, but there are a few interesting things left. If you're looking to buy a drum, it's important to try and find the one that's right for you. I don't really get into selling drums, nor do I endorse any drum manufactures, or companies. I'm always happy to offer an opinion, or suggest a few places to you that I've bought some of of mine from, and been pleased. If you are a bit new to hand drumming, or drum circles, choosing a first drum can be a bit daunting. On my blog, Drum Circle Blog at blogspot.com I get into this in more detail. Please look for the post, "Choosing That First Drum To Buy". I hope this helps you along your drumming journey, & I'm here, if you ever need to ask a question.

Drum Circle & Bellydance Goodies at CafePress.com

Lots of great looking Drum Circle merchandise at cafepress.com - Plenty of cool items starting at $5. Choose from various items of clothing, shirts, hats, drink bottles, coffee cups, calenders, gift cards, prints, stickers, iPad iPhone cases, and lots more, with one of these images on them. The 1st two are original watercolor art by my wife. Many of these items make a great gift for yourself, loved one, or favorite drummer. Nothing says "I love you" like a pair of boxer shorts with the words "Drum Some" on the back. The "Hafla" bellydance art looks great on T-shirts, posters, and other items.

Hey! Here's Some Free Stuff! Mp3 drum circle jams, djembe ringtones, & more.

Not everyone can afford even minor purchases these days. I have some free downloadable music at the page link below. No registering, or signing up is required. Times are hard so enjoy a few free goodies. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. Please consider picking up a set of my drum rhythms, or drum circle CD's. A 2 disc set is ten bucks + $2 shipping. I also have over 5 hours of live drum circle jams to put in your mp3 player, iPod, iPad, smartphone, or any other mp3 compatible device. It's some fun listening, and it's a pretty good deal! There are a number of drum circle mp3's, and djembe ringtones you can download free. Here is the page link:

To the Free Drum Circle MP3's & Djembe Ringtones Page

My CDBaby.com Artist Page: Have a listen to a few more drum jams: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SLRatigan Or, click the CDbaby.com link below:

My CD Baby Artist Page

Two 1000' Rolls of "Drum Line" Tape - both rolls for $35 This barricade tape comes imprinted with the warning "Drum Line Do Not Cross" with the Pro-Mark logo. It is 3" wide in 1,000 foot rolls. There is 2 rolls, one is missing about 100 feet. This cool looking drum tape adds a great look for drum lines, parades, parties, gigs, facilitated drum circles, drumming events, etc. Also works as a funny, yet practical barrier to keep your drums from walking away. (This tape is similar to the look of Police barricade tape) Shipping via Priority mail in the USA only is $12. These 2 rolls together weigh quite a bit.
[IMAGE: drum line do not cross barricade tape]

The Wild Drum Circles 2 CD Set $10. Check out a few tracks. This house has sure gone crazy!

To the Wild Drum Circles Page

Flex-a-tone - The sound rises or lowers when you compress it with your hand, and you shake it. $25

[IMAGE: flexatone] One of the coolest percussion instruments ever. Both hand held, or play it with a stick or screwdriver.

Soprano Doumbek. High quality like the larger blue one above, but a smaller version 12 x 8". $60 - Shipping $14 It comes with a carry case and 2 extra drum heads.

"Once upon a time, there was these three doumbeks..."

300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles"

[IMAGE: hand drumming and drum circles book photo]

A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book Link ($8.)

Physical copies are sold out at Amazon.com - Here's the Kindle link:

Drum Circle Book On Amazon Kindle

As I'm sure you're aware, many musicians, singers, dancers, and other artists, cross over into the acting business. My published 280 page Kindle book titled, "An Actor's Face, Audition, Casting Advice, And Anecdotes From A Working Actor", is available for $6 at the Amazon Kindle book store (or Nook). Please have a look at my actor page, if the acting field is something you might be interested in. Here's the link to the page:

Acting, Auditioning, Casting Advice, And Anecdotes Book Link

Check out a few more of the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms in this YouTube video. There are 7 rhythms here, each about a minute long, just like they are on the 2 hour DVD. Actually, there is 120 of them, but who's counting. I hope you enjoy a couple of them! The price of my 2 hour hand drum rhythms DVD is now $10 + $3 for shipping. Visit the DVD page for more info. You can also purchase it on Amazon for a few bucks more.

Drum Circle Lovers Deal 6 Pack - The 101 Rhythms DVD & 5 Drumming CD's $40 Including USA Shipping

For the really hard core drum circle lover! $40 Shipped (USA Only) Here's what's included:

The DVD 101 Drum Circle Rhythms For The Hand Drum (2 hours, 12 Min. long) 2 CD's 101 Drum Circle Rhythms (2 Hours) (Great for the car sterio or iPod) 2 CD's Live Ultimate Drum Circles (78 minutes on each disc, good stuff!) The CD Clearwater Beach Drum Circle (78 minutes of great drum circle action) (You can substitute the Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set, for 2 of the other CDs. Just ask, and I will do it.) These six drumming CD's & DVD will keep you, or any other hand drummer busy, for a long, long time. And I hope it helps you to enjoy drum circles more. So it's a total of 6 drumming discs for $40 including shipping anywhere in the USA. That's a pretty good value for your money. (Even today.) I have a few package deals with my rhythms DVD, and book, at the book link below these buttons.)

For all other countries, The Drum Circle 6 Disc Pack is $44 USD. That includes shipping

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