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Unfortunately, "Coconuts Clearwater" on Gulf To Bay closed. Another casulty of the economy it seems. I live in STL now. I'm leaving the page up here, because of the photos, videos, and memories we had there. We celebrated many holidays and special events there, and even beautiful things like the birth of a child Gabriela Gaia by a couple in our group who fell in love at our drum circle. I think that's kind of romantic. But sometimes sad things have to be addressed on drum circle night. A musician friend of ours suddenly passed away, so we held a drum circle wake for him at Coconuts to honor his memory. There is a tribute page below the photos. Please have a look.

(Notice the belly dancing swords on their heads...I tried that. Ouch, it hurts!)

Around the country many night clubs, bars, and coffee shops are struggling to find working formulas for weeknights. Having a drum circle night quickly builds up a community around it with a loyal following that grows very quickly. The cost to do this is minimal, I've been doing this successfully for years at various venues. What's really needed is an organizer to help keep things running smoothly, and promote the drum circle. A percussionist, circle facilitator, or drumming group. Offer them a small base pay or a percentage of sales like 10%. Because believe me, there is a lot of work involved. Also it isn't the drummers, musicians, or dancers that do the majority of buying your products. They will help support the venue and buy one or two, but it's the onlookers that are attracted, who will be doing most of that. And it takes a few months to really get a drum circle community established. I go into this in much more detail in my book about drum circles. Please consider picking it up. It's 300 pages filled with info to get your circle rolling.

Here's a cracking video of Kimara fire dancing during the Jim Tonak tribute night we had. It's 1 minute into the video. The video is great, but the audio is like a 2, but she lights this place up! Kimara is one of the best bellydancers in the area, and is also a part of our performance group "Sheesha Bellydance And Drum". Here is the link to check us out.

Sheesha Belly Dance And Drumming Shows

Here's a free 4 minute drum circle mp3 download from one of my drum circle CD's. Put it in your mp3 player or iPod. If you listen to it, you can get a better feel for what we do, and why we do it. Lot's more mp3's on the home page.

Almost Fanga drum circle jam mp3

Photos from the Coconuts Comedy Club Drum Circles.

Here's another fire dancing video featuring Kimara from the Jim Tonak tribute evening. The audio is like a "2", but the video is impressive! She lights it up again for about 1 minute in the video.

Kimara on the zills, and we added some keyboards to the drum circle this night. It worked, it was a good time! She is playing the good quality zills, the ones that really sound good and resonate. They work great as a small percussion item to play if you want to rest from playing your drum, yet still add some texture to the rhythm.

About 30 minutes of drumming from the August 6th session at Coconut's Clearwater. Below is three 9 minute videos, thanks to Ron C. for taking these.

In Memory of my good friend, drummer and musician Jim Tonak

Photos & Memories of Jim Tonak aka Cheeseadiddle

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