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[IMAGE: Live_BellyDance_DrumCircle_Jams] This is 75 minutes of live bellydancing drum circle jams for bellydancers to practice with at home, or on the go. A bellydancer friend asked me to make a CD of only bellydancing music with various drum rhythms, so here it is. There are 11 tracks in all, Zaffa Chiftetelli Ayyub, and 8 more. Each one features different dancers and drummers. You can hear the connection of the dancers to the drumming rhythms, and the drummers connecting to their movement. It's a beautiful thing. This is the perfect collection of Middle Eastern music to work with because it is live. You can get the full 75 minutes for $7. I will email them to you in mp3 format within 24 hours. The other option is a physical CD mailed to you. That is $7 + $2 for shipping. Outside the USA, it is $2 more, a total of $11. There are 3 paypal buttons below. Here's a track from it: Belly Dancing Drum Circle Jam mp3 To have the 11 mp3's emailed to you:

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If you're making a video, film, video game, or any other project, a live drum circle track might be just the vibe you need. Check out or iTunes & listen to a few. There's a wide variety of cultures, styles, & tempos to choose from. All of my drumming and drum circle music tracks are copyrighted, and licensed. I have 4 CD's of drum circle music, Everything from R & B, to Native American, African, Latin, Middle Eastern, and other world music styles. You can get all 4 CD's of music in mp3 format for $20. It's over 5 & 1/2 hours in all. (2 CD's for $10.) Please scroll down a bit for the links.

300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles" is $8. on Amazon Kindle

If your desire is to get much more in depth with this, please consider picking up my book. It goes into starting a drum circle, and how to keep it fresh and interesting for all different kinds of groups. I cover all of this, and much more in great detail. The page link for it is below.
Drum Circle Book On Kindle $8

Drum Circle Music Here's the CDbaby website url: Or, click the link below:
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Check out the main page with my 2 hour DVD of 101 Drum Circle Rhythms for $10 + $2 shipping. A Free drum circle jam CD is included. Please visit the main site, for more information. It's also available as an instant video on Amazon for $8. (But no free CD.) Click the link below to go to my main page. Listen to some drum circle music and lots more.

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