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I'm Shannon Ratigan, I've been a musician and drum circle facilitator for the last 35 years. Here you'll find all about drum circles, & where to find one near you. Also ideas & suggestions for hand drummers, music therapists, teachers, & facilitators. Working with all ages, skill levels, & specific groups. I also offer my 2 hour 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD - Video, my 300 page drum circle book, & live drum circle jam music. Visit some of my page links below, and I hope they help you along your drumming journey. There's over 20 years of content I've built up over the years here. I hope you find some of it helpful. This website and drum circle listings updated: August 2019. I have a 27 minute hand drumming lesson below the links. You're never too old to learn drumming, or if you are looking to facilitate or host drum circles, it's an effective way to learn how.
Anyone can learn to drum, regardless of age, physical limitations, or experience. Group drumming helps the body, the mind, reduces stress, & it's good for the soul. My site is here as a resource, since 1999. This site is best viewed on a laptop, due to my website coding limits. However, there's lots of drum circle related content & topics. As well as for those learning to drum.
Visit the drum circle finder page below, and locate one near you. Or, if traveling, bring a drum! Drum Circle Finder Organized by States: Find a Drum Circle Near You Link
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Here's some of my webpages for drumming with specific groups: Drum Circles With Special Needs Groups: Special Needs Drum Circles - Click this page link
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My 2 Hour 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD ($10) It comes with a free 70 minute drum circle jam CD. 101 Drum Circle Rhythms page link
Drum Circle Jam mp3's at this page. Available at Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby.com and SoundCloud: To the Free Drum Circle mp3's page link
Visit my other 2 CD set Wild Drum Circles, and listen to a few more full length tracks: Wild Drum Circles Page, & 7 Djembe Drum Ringtones Page Link A Whole Lot More About Facilitating Drum Circles: Info About Facilitating Drum Circles Link Drum With Me Online at Spirofit100: Drum With Me at Spirofit100 Video Link Drum With Me Online at Spirofit100. Here's a free 27 minute hand drumming lesson on YouTube: Learn to play the hand drum, or see an easy an organic way to facilitate drum circles. They have a promo going on their website right now, and they have a great new app also. I hear they have a 7 day free trial so you can cheack out everything else they have to offer. The range of other activities is amazing. There's over 90 videos to keep healthy, & in the groove. I'm told the monthly rate is $19.99 for full access to all of it. (And, it's a lot!)
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If you enjoy my writing, my 300 page book on hand drumming, drum circles, and facilitating them is $8 on Kindle or Nook. You can read the first few chapters free with the look inside feature. It is psychobabble free. It's not rocket science, it's a drum circle. Also check out my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD - video, and drum circle jam music. The links are below: Drum Circle Book on Amazon Some of my chapters include drumming topics such as: Average Cost For A Drum Circle & Ideas What to Charge For One Reading Drum Music - Ways to Notate & Teach Drum Rhythms Putting Together A Drum Circle Facilitator "Set List" Cleaning & Sanitizing Drums For Facilitated Drum Circles Ways To Get Free Drum Circle Facilitation Training How To Get A Drum Circle Started & Including Everyone In It Wedding Drum Circles & Drum Circle Receptions Team Building Drum Circles - Small Business & Corporate Drumming Via Webcam, & With Special Needs Children Improving Drum Circle Hosting & Facilitating Skills On Little Or No Money Publicizing And Promoting Your Drum Circle – Getting The Word Out Eeeking Out A Living Facilitating Drum Circles In This Economy Special Needs Drum Circles And Drumming - Kids & Adults So What's A Good Choice For That First Djembe Drum To Buy? What Are Some Good Types Of Drum To Buy For Your Child? What That Very First Drum Circle Really Felt Like... Different Ways To Notate, Or Jot Down Drum Circle Rhythms Drum Circles in Churches and at Spiritual Gatherings A Long List Of Assorted Notated Drum Circle Rhythms To Try Out Suggesting & Vocalizing, Easy ways To Start Out A Drum Circle Rhythm Ways To Understand And Read Music & Playing Notated Drum Rhythms Starting Drum Circles In Pubs, Night Clubs, And Cafe's...Really? Some Drum Circle Benefits - Social, Physical, And Mental Drumming And Drum Circles In The Winter Cold & Summer Heat Tuning A Lug Tuned Drum, Head Replacement, & Marking Your Name On Your Drum Things To Look For in Finding a “Good” Doumbek Drum...(On a Budget!) Sitting In With Bands, & Learning To Play By Ear
The sound of drums speaks to us all. Everything has a rhythm, from the staccato beat of raindrops to the soft rhythm of the surf. Most importantly, our hearts have a strong rhythm. Sometimes our heart beats speed up, then slows back down. But, there is a basic, natural rhythm that is ours exclusively. Drum circles allow us to let our imagination soar, our heart beats changing their speed as we think about things we might otherwise avoid. We can feel safe doing this in a drum circle because that bottom beat, the basic elementary pulse of the circle will always bring us back to our "home" beat. And that gives us an element of security that may not be conscious, but which we instinctively recognize. The therapeutic benefit of feeling safe exploring things with our thoughts and emotions are one of the biggest factors in the growing popularity of open community, & facilitated drumcircles. A drum circle is something a little different from the usual things you tend to see. In my opinion, the best ones provide African, Egyptian, Native American, and Latin drums, and introduce rhythms from various cultures. Think of a drum circle facilitator like a tour guide, that goes around the world with you in music.
I worked full time as an actor in Los Angeles for 14 years. I basically was auditioning constantly, and I needed an outlet for the stress that came with it. Drumming was it. Here's my acting page from a few years back:

Shannon Ratigan Actor Page

Sometimes we tend to loose track of time drumming at the drum circle. 25 minutes can go by like it's only 5. Here's 6 drum circle mp3's from my different albums. Listen to, and/or download these free. The Funky Didge jam is one of my favorite grooves. Check it out:

Wild Drum Circles The Funky Didge mp3 Download

BellyDancing Drum Circle Jam 2 mp3 Download
More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1
More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2
Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1
Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2
These tracks, and more of my drum circle music is available at CDbaby iTunes Amazon Spotify and most mp3 retailers. At iTunes and CDBaby.com they have 2.5 hours of drum circle music mp3s you can download for $10. Please help support the work I do in our community, and this website by picking up a drum circle mp3 track or two. There's a variety of live drum circle music, or my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Audio - Video $8. Just search on the title. Use the iTunes and CDbaby link below for drum circle jam mp3s. Spotify has them under my name also. Drum Jam or Rhythms Mp3s on iTunes Or, or click the CDbaby.com link http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/SLRatigan CD Baby Drum Circle Music Artist Page
If you are a filmmaker - game producer - making a video - for samples - or for any other purpose, I have about 7 hours of hand drumming, & drum circle music. It can set that perfect background mood or tone to a scene, or project. It's world music group drumming from various cultures, and at a variety of tempos, and styles. African, Latin, Native American, Mid-Eastern, Belly Dance, Funk, Soul, R & B. Lots to choose from featuring didgeridoos & flutes. The above tracks are free, and for personal use only. They are licensed and copyrighted, and been used in everything from video games to washing machine commercials. If you would like to use one in your project, contact me and I will give you a fair price on a buy-out to use one or more. I have over 7 hours of drum circle music, so lots of variety.

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I've taken some heat over the years for sharing what many feel is too much info about group facilitating. When I was young and coming up, many musicians helped me, so I'm trying to carry on that tradition. I believe we ahould be supportive, try to work together, and help each other develop as artists. Listen to a track, and scroll down a little. There's a lot here about drum circles in general, and, some good jamming! Various cultures, styles, & tempos. Organic facilitating is my style. To briefly describe drum circle facilitation, it's like putting a bunch of people together, and making a band out of them. It's fun to be in the band even if it's just for a day. Friends, strangers, co-workers, beginners, or pros. It doesn't matter, we're all equal at the drum circle. It's not rocket science. rubboard at the Drum Circle I was a very selfconcious kid. Playing music helped build my confidence, and I overcame it. I was hyperactive also, and playing the drums gave me an outlet for it. Many drum circles are family friendly - it's something positive and fun to do with your kids. It may help them as well. Maybe even encourage them to join school band.

I'm celebrating the 12 year anniversary of my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD, so I reduced the price. You can get both discs for 10 bucks + shipping ($3.) to anywhere in the USA. (Also, on Amazon & Ebay for a few dollars more.) Please keep in mind on the video above, rhythms are 15 second clips. On the DVD each rhythm is about a minute long. (You can also get the digital download on Amazon for $8. The link for it is below the Paypal buttons.)

Use the Paypal button below for ordering the Rhythms DVD & CD in the USA. It's $9.99 + $2.99 shipping.

Use the Paypal button below for ordering the DVD & CD outside the USA. It is $2 more. (Shipping) (Please note, for buyers outside of the USA, my DVD is multi-regional, & region friendly.)

My 101 Drum Circle Rhythms on Amazon. Over 2 hours of them. The full download to 2 devices is $8. Here's the link, or search on the title. Physical DVD's are there for a few bucks more also. The UPC Barcode is: 634479994692 - This webpage was last updated 2019

101 Drum Circle Rhythms Download Link

Scroll down for more detailed info, & some buyer reviews. The idea behind my DVD was offering as much material as possible to fellow artists, & musicians at a low cost. You would be buying direct from the artist. (me) If you choose to buy it, thanks in advance for helping out, I really appreciate it.

The proceeds from my DVD, drum circle jam music, & Kindle book go towards work with various groups in our community, it helps with drum repairs, (it happens.), & maintaining the drum circle finder website. A free service since 1999. Drum circles bring people together from all walks of life, and we need that now more than ever. A purchase will help out. I sell my 2 hour rhythms DVD & CDs direct here, at Amazon & Ebay. It helps out the most if you purchase direct from me here.

A screen shot still from my DVD is below. What appears to be ring on my finger, is a wedding band tattoo. I'm not really into them, but I had to keep taking my ring off to drum, so I did it about 23 years ago. In the video each drum circle rhythm is numbered, so you can easily refer back to the ones you like. There's a YouTube video clip below the paypal buttons, just scroll down a little and check it out.

[IMAGE: 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD video capture photo]

The full DVD is also on Amazon or Ebay for a few bucks more. It's $12.99 Including shipping if you purchase it from me direct. A 70 minute free drum circle music jam CD is included with it if you purchase it here.

Amazon Rhythms Video Link: My DVD or Instant Video on Amazon Page Link

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I released my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD in 2007. There are 124 Interesting and fun hand drumming rhythms from around the world. African, Belly Dancing, Afro-Cuban, Native American, Irish, Middle Eastern, Jamaican, Taiko, Funk, Soul, Blues, R & B, and Rock & Roll. Each rhythm is about a minute long, plenty of time to really get into them. These rhythms are perfect for drum circles, facilitators, teachers, gigs, workshops, dancers, learning to drum, just jamming alone, or with your friends. They give you a great starting point to improvise from.

A great way to keep a drum circle fresh, fun, and interesting, is to have lots of different rhythms to play. This DVD is an ideal resource for that. Then all you need is the right drum for yourself. One that's right for your hands, your body, and your soul.

The DVD was professionally recorded in a production studio, It's a lot of material. These ethnic drum rhythms are challenging enough for intermediate level to experienced musicians, yet easy enough so that someone new to hand drumming can grow into them. These are great for getting a drum circle started, or as a resource for drum circle facilitators so they have a large body of reference material to draw from. The main focus was on giving you as much material as possible on a single DVD. You will always have a good rhythm at the ready. The editor asked me if I would rather have a nice menu, or an extra 4 rhythms on the DVD. I opted for the extra material.

I wanted to create what I would want in a rhythms DVD. Just show me the rhythms...let me hear them clearly and cleanly. No talking, no angles, other parts, or cool effects. Just let me see and hear them up close for long enough to figure them out.

I'm left handed, so when you watch the video it's like looking into a mirror, which makes it a snap to pick these rhythms up quickly if you're right handed. If your DVD player has an A - B loop function, you can loop a single rhythm to play over and over. (or slo-mo)

When you buy from me, I always email back to confirm I received your payment within 2 days. I mail all orders out within 2 business days after payment. I don't like to wait a long time for things I order online either.

I do some charity work for groups with limited recreational budgets. There's some wear and tear on the musical instruments that I provide. I don't receive any funding, and never have. The proceeds from the sales of my drum jam CD's, DVD's, and drum circle book help me to keep things going, and to be able to continue working for organizations who benefit from it the most. In a small way, the drum circles I host & facilitate help to bring people together. These days, we need that. Please pick up my DVD, drum circles book, or my digital music. It will help me to continue this work.

As an independent artist, money is tight, so I always appreciate a product that is a good value for the cost. That's the idea behind my book, DVD, and CD's. I've kept the price the same since 2007. If you choose to purchase something from me, thanks in advance for helping out. Please also check out my drum circle music jam CDs, (or mp3s online - iTunes etc.) My 300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles" is $8 on Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook.

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Here's a pic of me from back in the day jamming on tour. (I've put on a few years, & a few pounds since then!)

A few buyer reviews of my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD:

"It is an excellent and noteworthy DVD because it is a simple, easy to use video showing hand movements for more than 101 different rhythms that can be played in drum circles or by a drummer playing alone. The demonstrations are played on a djembe, but the rhythms could be played on almost any type of drum. Those of us who work with beginning drummers welcome a basic drumming learning tool such as this. It differs from a lot of more complex drumming videos in that it focuses just on the rhythm and how to play it, and someone playing along can "get it" without being distracted by multiple players, voiceovers, and complex rapid rhythms. Every drummer has a preferred learning style, and this DVD fills a need for simplicity. Just watch and play along." -- Keith Russell, University of Kansas

"This is an EXCELLENT learning video, no rambling explanations, just a wealth of different drum rhythms that allow you to watch the technique and train your ear to hear the patterns. Wonderful." -- Cora C.

"Nowadays you can find drumming lessons for beginners in various forms. But after a few months, after you start to advance in your skills, it is much harder to find suitable materials. This is where this DVD steps in - I can really recommend it to intermediate players and beginners. Intermediate players will find plenty of material for practice and improve technique and rhythm knowledge. Beginners can also have great benefits by studying provided patterns and start to use them to gradually improve. You can use the material on DVD to learn provided rhythms or for soloing inspiration. Phrases are recorded with ghost notes, so you can learn to use them to fill in the patterns, or you can practice without them to improve sense for pulse and rhythm. Phrases can be used with PC or MAC software players to continuously repeat selected phrase (as background for solo and improvisation practice), to speed it up or slow it down while learning. Huge amount of material is provided for such symbolic price, so price-performace ratio is exceptional. Those two hours provide months of inspiration, so I can recommend this DVD to anyone who would like to learn and improve on djembe and other percussion instruments." -- Drazen T.

"This DVD is laid out in a very smart manner; each rhythm is performed long enough to learn it; practice for a while, do another one the next day (that's what I'm doing, anyway). I am new to the djembe and hand percussion in general (read: total newbie), and this DVD makes it easy. If there is ever a second one in this series I will buy it. If you're just getting into hand percussion I suggest you try this out. The rhythms are also translatable to my cajon, which I am also just starting." -- Steve S.

Use the Paypal button below for ordering the Rhythms DVD & CD in the USA. It's $9.99 + $2.99 shipping.

Use the Paypal button below for ordering the DVD & CD outside the USA. It is $2 more. (Shipping) (Please note, for buyers outside of the USA, my DVD is multi-regional, & region friendly.)

For Ordering the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD, or the Instant Video at Amazon is $8. The link below redirects you to their website. Or, just search on the title. (There's also an iTunes link, it is just below Amazon.) 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD at Amazon.com

If you have the Kindle app, you can get the video right now at Amazon.com - It's perfect for your phone, iPad, Kindle Fire, PC, xbox, PS4, and other devices. Set that tablet up on a music stand, and get right to some drumming fun. You can enjoy these rhythms right away at home, take them with you on the go, and have them all at your fingertips. (when you do order physical copies, I ship all orders out within 2 business days, so you do receive them pretty quickly. The Amazon instant video link is here, or just search on the title at their website. 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Instant Video at Amazon.com

My 300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles". ($8 Kindle or Nook)

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A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book Link

Sorry, but physical copies are all sold out. Here's the Kindle link:

Drum Circle Book On Amazon Kindle

Drum Circle & Belly Dance Gift Ideas. Cafe Press Items and More: To the Cafe Press Drum Circle Gifts Page

Visit me on FaceBook YouTube Twitter SoundCloud & CD Baby If you'd like to visit me on FaceBook or Twitter etc. and send an invite, I'd like that. I worked in Hollywood as a character actor, and musician for over 2 decades. I had some mighty strange experiences. (Including on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Star Trek Next Generation as a Romulan Officer). On my actor page below, I posted a few pics, and wrote a little about what it was like working on the show. Have a look if you have a few extra minutes. As I'm sure you are aware, lots of musicians and artists of all media cross over into the acting business. My acting biz Kindle book is $3. 280 pages, the title is, "An Actor's Face". Have a look if the acting field is something you might be interested in. Also check out my YouTube, and Twitter feed. Drumcircles.net on FaceBook Link

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Drum With Me Online at Spirofit100

Learn to play the hand drum, or see an easy an organic way to facilitate drum circles. For you, or your group. Each lesson, (other than the intro) has about 4 rhythms from different cultures. I was asked to create 8 stand alone lessons. You can watch just one, or watch the entire curriculum. Each video has important elements in it.

You can see how I facilitate drum circles, show them to your group as an interactive activity, or just a way to get more enjoyment from hand drumming, with these eight 20 minute videos that you can watch right in the comfort of your own online devices.

They have a promo free month going on their website right now, and it says you can cancel if you want after that if you wish to. I'm not sure how long the promo goes for. As far as I know, their rates are very reasonable after. The range of other activities is amazing. There's over 90 videos to stay healthy, & in the groove.

Here's the link to paste in your browser: https://spiro100.spirofit.com/

or, click the link below this paragraph:

Anyway, these hand drumming lessons were designed with seniors in mind, but really, they're great for all ages. Or, if you might like to have drum circles for a specific group, or want to facilitate drum circles, this is an easy style to work from. These online videos will walk you through how I facilitate drumming activities.

Drum With Me at Spirofit100 Video Link

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Feel free to email me with any questions. I respect your privacy, and never give out email addresses to anyone. My contact email is: drumcircles_net(at)hotmail.com (or, the link below.) Link To Email Me With Questions, Or Comments

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