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Welcome to - Resources for hosting & starting drum circles.

Find a drum circle near you, or if you are traveling somewhere, bring a drum! A free service since 1999. Last update 01/05/19
Drum circle ideas & suggestions for hand drummers, music therapists, teachers, & facilitators - all skill levels.

Menu is on left sidebar. There's 18 years of content here I've built up over the years. Find a Drum Circle Near You Link
I'm Shannon Ratigan, a musician and drum circle facilitator with over 35 years of experience, in most genre's. I'm available for session work, hand drumming performances, fill in band gigs, music teaching, print, acting, and online lessons for all ages.
Anyone can learn to drum, regardless of age, physical limitations, or experience. Group drumming helps the body, the mind, and it's good for the soul. My site is here as a resource. There's lots of info on all sorts of drum circle related topics. Here's some of my webpages for drumming with specific groups. If you're new to drumcircles, a music teacher, facilitator, or want to be one I hope some of my webpages below help you along your drumming journey: Drum Circles With Special Needs Groups: Special Needs Drum Circles - Click this page link
Kid's Drumming and Drum Circles in Schools: Drum Circles For Kids - Click this page link for more info
Elder and Senior Drum Circles: Senior Drum Circles - Click this page link for more info
Team Building and Corporate Drum Circles: Team Building Drum Circles - page link
Drum Circles in Casual Drinking Establishments, Brewerys, & Public Events Drum Circles in Nightclubs, Pubs, & Casual Drinking Events
Delmar Loop Drum Circle: The Delmar Loop Drum Circle
Spiritual Drum Circles: Spiritual & Church Drum Circles page link
Drum circles at Weddings & Drum Circle Receptions: Wedding Drum Circles & Drum Circle Receptions Page
Average Prices For a Drum Circle, and/or What to Charge For One: Pricing Drum Circles page link
To Find Drum Circles Near You, in the USA and Worldwide. (A free service since 1999): Find a Drum Circle (or if traveling somewhere bring a drum!) page link
My 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD ($10) It comes with a free 70 minute drum circle jam CD. 101 Drum Circle Rhythms page link
Drum Circle Jam mp3's at this page. Available at Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud: To the Free Drum Circle mp3's Page
Drum Circle Gift Ideas. Cafe Press Items and More: To the Drum Circle Gifts Page
Memorial Drum Circle Page For Jim Tonak: To The Jim Tonak Memorial Page

If you enjoy my writing, my 300 page book on hand drumming, drum circles, and facilitating them is $8 on Kindle or Nook. You can read the first few chapters free with the look inside feature. It is psychobabble free. It's the book they don't want you to read, because it's not rocket science, it's a drum circle. Also check out my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD - video, and drum circle jam music. Drum Circle Book on Amazon
I worked full time as an actor in Los Angeles for 14 years. I basically was auditioning constantly, and I needed an outlet for the stress that came with it. Drumming was it. Here's my acting page from a few years back:

Shannon Ratigan Actor Page

Sometimes we tend to loose track of time drumming at the drum circle. 25 minutes can go by like it's only 5. Here's 6 drum circle mp3's from my different albums. Listen to, and/or download these free. The Funky Didge jam is one of my favorite grooves. Check it out:

Wild Drum Circles The Funky Didge mp3 Download

BellyDancing Drum Circle Jam 2 mp3 Download
More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1
More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2
Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1
Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2
These tracks, and more of my drum circle music is available at CDbaby iTunes Amazon Spotify and most mp3 retailers. At iTunes and they have 2.5 hours of drum circle music mp3s you can download for $10. Please help support the work I do in our community, and this website by picking up a drum circle mp3 track or two. There's a variety of live drum circle music, or my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms Audio - Video $8. Just search on the title. Use the iTunes and CDbaby link below for drum circle jam mp3s. Spotify has them under my name also. Drum Jam or Rhythms Mp3s on iTunes Or, or click the link CD Baby Drum Circle Music Artist Page
If you are a filmmaker - game producer - making a video - for samples - or for any other purpose, I have about 7 hours of hand drumming, & drum circle music. It can set that perfect background mood or tone to a scene, or project. It's world music group drumming from various cultures, and at a variety of tempos. African, Latin, Native American, Mid-Eastern, Belly Dance, Funk, Soul, R & B. Lots here to choose from. The above tracks are free, and for personal use only. They are licensed and copyrighted, and been used in everything from video games to washing machine commercials. If you would like to use one in your project, contact me and I will give you a fair price on a buy-out to use one or more. I have over 7 hours of drum circle music, so lots of variety.

Above is from a public performance I organized. Included was a special needs group that I'd been working with, alltogether with kids, professional drummers, and the public. Visit the Special Needs link below for more info. Special Needs Drum Circles - Click this page link. Children and adults
I've taken some heat over the years for sharing what many feel is too much info about group facilitating. When I was young and coming up, many musicians helped me, so I'm trying to carry on that tradition. I believe we ahould be supportive, try to work together, and help each other develop as artists. Listen to a track, and scroll down a little. There's a lot here about drum circles in general, and, some good jamming! Various cultures, styles, & tempos. Organic facilitating is my style. My website is for hand drummers, facilitators, music therapists, and teachers. Also ways to start up a drum circle, and tips to keep it fresh and interesting, or for anyone who just loves drumming. Use the menu on the left sidebar and check out my drum circle finder, 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD video sample, lots of posts on my drum circle blog. Scroll down a bit, and get a few free live drum circle mp3's, djembe ringtones, notated rhythms print outs, and lots more stuff. [IMAGE: Shannon Ratigan photo]

I also offer hand drumming lessons, and drum circle facilitation training at a low price. There is increasing recognition of the health benefits of music therapy, particularly facilitated hand drumming. Below I offer my drum circle book, 101 rhythms DVD, and drum circle jam music for sale. Unfortunately, places where the people who benefit from what I do the most, have very limited budgets. I've never recieved any grants, assistance, or funding, and I don't endorse drum companies. If you would be willing to make a purchase of any amount to help me continue to provide therapeutic music to groups in St. Louis, it would help out a little. Please click on the purchase links below. Thanks in advance if you can pitch in a little. My book & DVD are solid if you are facilitating drum circles, or thinking about starting one up for your area, or group. My 101 Drum Circle Rhythms video on Amazon. Over 2 hours of them. The full download to 2 devices is $8. Here's the link, or search on the title. 101 Drum Circle Rhythms (The DVD disc is a few bucks more.) Here's a sample from my Video - DVD: 101 Drum Circle Rhythms. 2 hours in length, $8 Amazon Video. I'm celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my Rhythms DVD. So I've reduced the price. You can get both discs here for $10 + $3 for shipping to anywhere in the USA. (A few bucks more at Amazon & Ebay.) Here's the DVD page on this website:

2 Hour 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD $9.99 - More info link.)

Here's the Amazon Link:

My 101 Rhythms DVD on Amazon Page Link

Here's links for my drum circle music & drum rhythms at iTunes & CDbaby. Have a listen, quite a variety:

Drum Circle Music & Rhythms at iTunes

Drum Circle Music & Rhythms at CD

Here's one of the tracks from the free 75 minute drum circle CD that comes with the 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD, (If purchsed direct from my website.) Also the full drum circle rhythms video is on Amazon Instant Video for $8.

More Cowbell Drum Circle Jam mp3 Part 1

I hope you enjoy my site. It was started in 1999. I've been a full time percussionist, music teacher, & drum circle facilitator for over 35 years. Introducing people to drumming is what I truly love to do. Take a look around, and you will find lots of resources for beginning and/or experienced drummers. Ways to start up drum circles, notating drum music, and lots more. My intent is to further your enjoyment of hand drumming and drum circles. Visit the "facilitation" link below to find lots of drum circle ideas to help you keep things in the groove. [IMAGE: Shannon Ratigan photo]

More About Facilitated Drum Circles page link
I also work as a fill-in band percussionist, session musician, and solo drummer. I'm available on short notice. For more info on facilitated drum circles, or facilitation training, please visit the page link below:

Link to Drum Circle Facilitation, Hand Drumming Lessons, Ideas, & More

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Drum Lovers 6 Pack:
    Rhythms DVD & 
    5 Drumming CDs
                     6 Discs ($40)

101 Drum Rhythms CDs
                     2 Discs ($10) 

Drum Circle Jam CDs
                        (2 CD set $10)

Here's the DVD page on this website:

2 Hour 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD $9.99 - More info link.)

My 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD is also available at for a bit more & also on Amazon Instant Video for $8.

101 Drum Circle Rhythms at

       101 Rhythms DVD Buyer Comments
"It is an excellent and noteworthy DVD because it is a simple, easy to use video showing hand movements for more than 101 different rhythms that can be played in drum circles or by a drummer playing alone. The demonstrations are played on a djembe, but the rhythms could be played on almost any type of drum. Those of us who work with beginning drummers welcome a basic drumming learning tool such as this. It differs from a lot of more complex drumming videos in that it focuses just on the rhythm and how to play it, and someone playing along can "get it" without being distracted by multiple players, voiceovers, and complex rapid rhythms. Every drummer has a preferred learning style, and this DVD fills a need for simplicity. Just watch and play along." -- Keith Russell, University of Kansas "I just wanted to say I watched the DVD and I think it is great. Simple yet brilliant, very clear in presentation, you can get the hand movements quite quickly and because you play them, I think you said it is a minute, which is quite a good amount of time you can really get a feel for the rhythm. I am really impressed. I have a few other instructional DVDs I think yours is the most practical and easy to use I have found. I have also listened to most of the 1st CD and again I like that it is straightforward and you play the groove long enough to get a feel for it, and it is clear and precise enough that you can pick up the rhythm quite quickly. I am looking forward to having a lot of fun with these. Once again thank you for making this resource available and at what I consider to be a very good price, certainly fantastic value for the money. The DVD and CDs are great quality." -- Ian R.

       Drum Circle Lovers 6 Pack:   101 Rhythms DVD And 5 Drumming CD's,   $40
For the really hard core drum circle lover!
Here's what's included:
  • 120 Drum Circle Rhythms 1 DVD (2 hours, 12 minutes) See the rhythms played up close.
  • 101 Drum Circle Rhythms 2 CDs (2 hours) Perfect for the home, car stereo or iPod.
  • Ultimate Live Drum Circles 2 CDs (70 minutes each disc) It's live drum circle jamming!
  • Clearwater Beach Drum Circle 1 CD (78 minutes) More great live drum circle action.
This 6 disc pack with the DVD & 5 drumming CDs is a great deal! It will keep you, or any other drum circle lover busy for a long time. And I hope it helps you to enjoy drumming more. (You can hear mp3 samples from the drum circle CDs at the link below.) The price includes shipping (In the USA only). You can substitute 2 of the included CDs for the Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set if you wish. Please just include a note to let me know. Thanks.

To buy the 6 disc pack (shipping in the USA only), use the first button below.
For ALL other countries, The Drum Circle 6 Disc Pack is $46 USD. That includes shipping.
Please use the second Paypal button below this one:

101 Drum Circle Rhythms On 2 CD's $10
2 hours of hand drumming rhythms on 2 CDs. The two 101 Drum Circle Rhythms CDs make a great companion to the Rhythms DVD. Enjoy them on your home stereo, in your car, smartphone, at the drum circle, or transfer them to your iPod / mp3 player. Below link for more info, and mp3 samples. You can get the CDs directly from me, & mp3s at iTunes or most mp3 retailers.
For more detailed information, please click below.

101 Drum Circle Rhythms on 2 CDs Page Link

         Ultimate Live Drum Circle Jam CD's - Set of 2 for $10 - More Info:
Visit the Ultimate Drum Circles page & hear a few full length tracks from my CD's. You can get the full 2 and 1/2 hours of drum circle music for $10 (on the ever popular format CD from me), or mp3s at iTunes Amazon & most other retailers. These live drum circle jams were recorded just as they happened. Some entertaining drum circle action, featuring all kinds of hand drums, djembes, congas, doumbeks, djun djuns, ashikos, flutes, didgeridoos, and lots more.
         For more detailed information, please click below.

Ultimate Live Drum Circle CD's & Drum Circle Merch Page Link

       Wild Drum Circles 2 CD set $10.
Also check out the Wild Drum Circles page and listen to a few tracks from these. You never know who's going to show up, and what's going to happen at the drum circle. That's part of the fun. Bellydancers, didgeridoo and flute players. Drummers and dancers from all different paths, cultures, and walks of life. Spoken word, chanting, singing, crazy instruments, and some good musicmaking. All of that, and much more on these two 75 minute CD's. Amazing jamming, grooving, dancing, craziness, and spontaneous self expression. (2 CDs or ITunes & Amazon)
       For more information and some mp3's, click your way below.

Wild Drum Circles Page Link

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Drum Circles

   The Power of Rhythm
   The Drum Circle
   Corporate Drumming
   Community & Fun 



Have a Drum Circle at Your Event or Party

    -- or get a weekly one kick started
I facilitate a variety of drum circle events around the area. Spice up your party, gathering, festival, meeting, or spiritual gathering with a multi-cultural drum circle experience that all ages will enjoy.
A birthday party drum circle. What a cool idea!

Drum Circle Facilitation Page Link


"Jazz on the Green" Faciliated Drum Circles

"It involved children and adults in making their own music, easily learning the rhythms he taught."
-- Polly R., Coordinator - Jazz On The Green Drum circles at the Ft. Myers Jazz Festivals Featuring Euge Groove, The Rippingtons, Acoustic Alchemy, Rick Braun, and Jeff Golub

Three views from the "Jazz on the Green" children's drum circle event. I love the joy of this little boy smiling playing that great big djembe. Mom tried to give him that little tambourine, but he wanted to play that big ol' drum. (Don't we all?)

Drumming and yoga go really well together. I love drumming to any kind of movement. Tai Chi, Poi, etc.

Add some hula hoops, and dancing to the center of your drum circle for something real to connect to!

Try laying down with your eyes closed for a minute in the center of the circle. It's powerful stuff!

More About Drum Circles Read on, or click here to read more about having a drum circle:

Drum Circle Facilitation Page Link

The Power of Rhythm

To briefly describe drum circle facilitation, it's like putting a bunch of people together, and making a band out of them. 
It's fun to be in the band for a day. Friends, strangers, co-workers, beginners, or pros. It doesn't matter, we're all equal. 

rubboard at the Drum Circle I was a very selfconcious kid. Playing music helped build my confidence, and I overcame it. I was hyperactive also, and playing the drums gave me an outlet for it. Many drum circles are family friendly - it's something positive and fun to do with your kids. It may help them as well - even encourage them to join school band. I offer drumming lessons, workshops, and drum circles. I provide only drums with synthetic drum heads, because I can clean and sanitize the drums after each use. Many of the people I work with are especially vulnerable to colds and flu. Children, seniors, and special needs groups in particular. Also synthetic djembe, doumbek, and frame drum heads are more durable, and they never need tuning. Personally I prefer playing goatskin head drums, but for me they aren't practical. The sound of drums speaks to us all. Everything has a rhythm, from the staccato beat of raindrops to the soft rhythm of the surf. Most importantly, our hearts have a strong rhythm. Sometimes our heart beats speed up, then slows back down. But, there is a basic, natural rhythm that is ours exclusively. Drum circles allow us to let our imagination soar, our heart beats changing their speed as we think about things we might otherwise avoid. We can feel safe doing this in a drum circle because that bottom beat, the basic elementary pulse of the circle will always bring us back to our "home" beat. And that gives us an element of security that may not be conscious, but which we instinctively recognize. The therapeutic benefit of feeling safe exploring things with our thoughts and emotions are one of the biggest factors in the growing popularity of open community, and facilitated drum circles. A drum circle is something a little different from the usual things you tend to see. I provide African, Egyptian, and Latin drums, and introduce rhythms from various cultures. Think of me like a tour guide, that goes with you around the world in music. I prefer to work with smaller groups, from 3 to 90 people. I can give you more personalized and individual attention. I deliver an authentic drum circle experience. The emphasis with me is on fun! I believe in not telling people how, when, or what to play, but rather focusing more on self discovery. But I do offer a few pointers! And I help to guide people to find their musical selves at their own pace, with no pressure. It's kind of like what you see with musicians drumming at the beach at an open drum circle, except in a little bit more managed format. Just a good time being in the band jamming & having fun. Drum circles can be extremely effective for companies that want to enhance the generation of new ideas and better team work. When people discover that they can collectively produce a good sound without any musical training or background, they start to realize that they can be more effective at work by putting their heads together and working as a team. Also, drumming uses the brain in a different pattern than the linear thought process that is usually needed in the work environment. A drum circle brings the group to a more open mental and psychological process, which can be carried over to the production of new and better ways of working. An excellent tool to kick off a brain storming session and optimize the quantity and quality of new ideas. Free Drum Circle Music Mp3s:

To the Drum Circle MP3's Page

Spiritual and church drum circles:

Spiritual & Church Drum Circles Page

Click the page link below for information on team building, corporate drumming, or small business drum circles.

Team Building, Corporate Drumming, Small Business Drum Circles Link

Community, Culture, and Fun Cultures from around the world use drumming to unify their communities. A drum circle anywhere brings people together by using our uniqueness to create something that belongs to all of us. It's educational, healthy, it releases negative emotions, provides joy, opens creative expression, and brings us back to the rhythms of nature. But most of all, it's a lot of fun to play the drums. Anyone can participate, from kids to elders. We smile, we play, we heal, we dance, we laugh, we learn, and have fun. No drumming experience is needed. Parents and thier kids can play together. I help everyone to drum with ease in a matter of minutes, so they can discover their own sense of rhythm, and experience the fun of hand drumming. It's a fun colorful way to jazz up an event, or special occasion. And it's very casual, people can come and go as they please as it's going on, and stay for as long as they want to. I don't want people to be drummers, I just want to help them to be able to enjoy drumming together. If you have a desire for lots more detailed info, my Kindle book is $8.
Click here to check out my 300 page book on hand drumming & drum circles

"A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles" Link

Testimonials & Refrences
I do some charity work around our local area. There is some wear and tear on the musical instruments that I provide for use at these events. I don't receive any funding now or have in the past. The proceeds from the sales of my drumming CD's, DVD's, and drum circle book help me to fund the repairs, and to be able to continue working for organizations with limited recreational budgets. (Who benefit from it the most.)

Testimonials, Resume, & Letters of Recommendation (page link)

Drum circles With Elders and Seniors. Also, Info and more tips for facilitators:

Drum Circles With Seniors (page link)

As an independent artist, money is tight, so I always appreciate a product that is a good value for the cost. That's the idea behind my book, DVD, & CD's. If you choose to purchase something from me, thanks in advance for helping out with drum repairs, and expenses. (Please visit the links to see my DVD, CD's, 300 page book, "A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles". It's $8. on Amazon Kindle or Nook.

Section Map

USA & Global  


USA and Worldwide Drum Circle Finder Database

Locate drum circles in your state with the USA drum circle finder, both freestyle & facilitated. There are over 1000 of them, 
and it's always growing. Established in 1999, & updated monthly. It's a free service to the drumming and dancing community.

USA Drum Circle Finder Link

Locate freestyle & facilitated drum circles worldwide with my International drum circle finder. It includes Canada, Australia, 
The United Kingdom, Thailand, Germany, Greece, and many other countries. Find drum circles all around the globe.

Global International Drum Circle Finder Link



Drum Circles With Special Needs Groups

The Earth Day drum circle celebration at Honeymoon Island. A gathering of our community, and an adult special needs group performing in pubic up on the big stage. How it all came together, photos, and more. Special Needs Drum Circles Link

Kids Drum Circles & Drumming With Kids

Children's drum circles, drumming with kids at schools, youth groups, birthday parties, functions, & festivals. Drum Circles For Kids Link


BACK to TOP Drum Circle Blog

Check out the Drum Circle World Blog at (Link)

The drum circle world blog has plenty of helpful ideas, hints, drumming tips, & more for all levels. Visit it at - Some of my past posts cover drumming topics including: Average Cost For A Drum Circle & Ideas What to Charge For One Reading Drum Music - Ways to Notate & Teach Drum Rhythms Putting Together A Drum Circle Facilitator "Set List" Cleaning & Sanitizing Drums For Facilitated Drum Circles Ways To Get Free Drum Circle Facilitation Training How To Get A Drum Circle Started & Including Everyone In It Wedding Drum Circles & Drum Circle Receptions Team Building Drum Circles - Small Business & Corporate Drumming Via Webcam, & With Special Needs Children Improving Drum Circle Hosting & Facilitating Skills On Little Or No Money Publicizing And Promoting Your Drum Circle – Getting The Word Out Eeeking Out A Living Facilitating Drum Circles In This Economy Special Needs Drum Circles And Drumming - Kids & Adults So What's A Good Choice For That First Djembe Drum To Buy? What Are Some Good Types Of Drum To Buy For Your Child? What That Very First Drum Circle Really Felt Like... Different Ways To Notate, Or Jot Down Drum Circle Rhythms Drum Circles in Churches and at Spiritual Gatherings A Long List Of Assorted Notated Drum Circle Rhythms To Try Out Suggesting & Vocalizing, Easy ways To Start Out A Drum Circle Rhythm Ways To Understand And Read Music & Playing Notated Drum Rhythms Starting Drum Circles In Pubs, Night Clubs, And Cafe's...Really? Some Drum Circle Benefits - Social, Physical, And Mental Drumming And Drum Circles In The Winter Cold & Summer Heat Tuning A Lug Tuned Drum, Head Replacement, & Marking Your Name On Your Drum Things To Look For in Finding a “Good” Doumbek Drum...(On a Budget!) Sitting In With Bands, & Learning To Play By Ear


BACK to TOP on FaceBook YouTube Twitter & CD Baby

If you'd like to visit me on FaceBook or Twitter etc. and send an invite, I'd like that. I worked in Hollywood as a character actor, and musician for over 2 decades, and had some mighty strange experiences. (Including on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Star Trek Next Generation as a Romulan). On my actor page below, I posted a few pics, and wrote a little about what it was like. Have a look if you have a few extra minutes. As I'm sure you are aware, many musicians and artists of all media cross over into the acting business. My acting biz Kindle book is $3. 280 pages, the title is, "An Actor's Face" Have a look if the acting field is something you might be interested in. Also check out some drumming videos on my YouTube channel, and my Twitter feed has some interesting stuff. There's 100+ drum circle, and dancing photos on Flickr. Some of them are pretty cool. on FaceBook Link

Drum circle jams Mp3s at my CD Baby Artist Page Twitter Feed Drum Circle Mp3s on SoundCloud YouTube Videos

Flickr Photostream

Shannon Ratigan Official Actor Page



A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book

Hand Drumming & Drum Circles Book - More information at the link below.

I wrote this 300 page book to share my 30 years of experiences, learning, and put some good out there in the world. My hope 
is to help people enjoy hand drumming and drum circles more. Working with all ages, settings, and with at risk groups. Ideas 
and suggestions for keeping your drum circle fresh and interesting, or even if you are just trying to get one started. 
It's on Kindle or Nook for $8. 

Here's the link For Amazon Kindle ($8): (Physical copies are also available at (But the free CD isn't included.)
A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book on Kindle

A Practical Guide To Hand Drumming And Drum Circles Book Link

Section Map

Djembe History 

Djembe Tuning  



Some Djembe Drum History

A little about the history of the Djembe drum. Also called The Storyteller. It is traced back to the Mandingue Empire of 
West Africa, the Djembe is used in ceremonial dances, communication and healing practices dating as far back as 800 years.

I was taught the original name for the Djembe is JebeBara, coming from the Bamana language. This translates as the unity drum. 
The Djembe brings people from all races and nationalities together with its song. Due to its unique shape the Djembe is able 
to produce distinctive low and high slaps and tones creating sounds that are completly unmatched by any other drum.

In the language of the Maninka people, "jem" refers to the tree used to make the drum, while "be" refers to goat, the hides 
of which were used for the drum head. Often ceremonies are held in the making of a djembe, to honor the goat, the tree
it's hand carved from, and the craftsman who builds it. These are the real deal djembes in my opinion. The problem is
finding an honest retailer who sells the real thing. There's lots of knock offs out there. Last time I checked, the 
djembe's not indiginious to Indonesia. Some of them sound okay, but I suggest seeking out an authentic one.

How To Tune Up Your Djembe Drum

The djembe tuning doc below is a printable Adobe PDF with illustrated, step by step Mali Weave instructions. YouTube has lots of "How to tune your djembe" videos on there. Use the print out, and watch a few.
Djembe Drum Tuning (PDF)

Reading Drum Music, Notated Drum Rhythms & Facilitation Set List

This is a list of various drum circle rhythms I enjoy playing. It's my interpretation of them. There are a few different ways I like to notate, and/or and vocalize the start of a drum circle rhythm. Print it out if you want to. I like to help people enjoy drumming more. The list might make a good guideline, set list, or just some fun stuff for you and your friends. Reading drum music & more. 7 pages, Microsoft Word (.doc) Here: Printable - Reading Drum Music - Ways to Notate & Teach Drum Rhythms (word.doc)

Printable - Longer List Of Notated Drum Circle Rhythms (word.doc)




6 Free Drum Circle MP3s

You can listen to, or download these drum circle mp3's free here at my website. No registering, or signing up for anything is required. Times are difficult, and not everyone can afford even minor music purchases these days, so I want to provide these free of charge. There are a few more at the mp3 page link below. Thanks, & enjoy. Sometimes we tend to loose track of time drumming at the drum circle, 25 minutes can go by like it's only 5. The four drum circle mp3's below are on the 70 minute CD included free with my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD. BellyDancing Drum Circle Jam 2 mp3 Download
More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1
More Cowbell Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2
Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 1
Almost Fanga Drum Circle mp3 Download Part 2
These tracks, and more of my drum circle music is available at CDbaby iTunes Amazon and most mp3 retailers. has 2.5 hours of mp3s you can download for $10. CD Baby Drum Circle Music Link
It's world music group drumming from various cultures, and at a variety of tempos. African, Latin, Native American, Mid-Eastern, Belly Dance, Funk, Soul, R & B. Lots to choose from. It is all copyrighted and licensed.

15 Free Drum Circle Smartphone Ringtones

These are free 20 second ringtone downloads, but all are on a single djembe drum. There's 7 of them. I hope you like one enough to use it as your ringtone for awhile. Check them out. These were made from my 101 Drum Circle Rhythm CD's. 2 hours for 10 bucks. Amazon, iTunes etc. Djembe 51 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe 42 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe 41 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe 40 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe 34 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe 30 mp3 Ring Tone Download
Djembe 15 mp3 Ring Tone Download

More Drum Circle Mp3's & Free Djembe Ringtones

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. Here's my drum circle jams mp3 page:

To the Drum Circle MP3's Page Visit the Wild Drum Circles page, and listen to a few more full length tracks from the 2 CD set. Wild Drum Circles Page, & 7 Djembe Drum Ringtones Page Link



Drumming Humor

Here is a list of Dumb And Dumber Drummer Jokes - 100's of them (seriously!). Some of them are very funny, some of them are well...kind of stupid. You may have already heard a few of these before, but have a look! Drumming Humor & Drummer Jokes Page Link


Contact Me
Privacy Statement:

Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I respect your privacy, & I never share email address with anyone.

My contact email is: (or, click the link below.) Link To Email Me With Questions, Or Comments

There is increasing recognition of the health benefits of music therapy, particularly facilitated hand drumming. Below I offer my drum circle book, 101 rhythms DVD, and drum circle jam music for sale. Unfortunately, places where the people who benefit from what I do the most, have very limited budgets. I've never recieved any grants, assistance, or funding, and I don't endorse drum companies. If you could make a purchase of any amount to help me continue to provide therapeutic music to our local groups, it would help out a little. Please click on the purchase links above. Thanks in advance if you can pitch in a little. My book & DVD are solid if you are facilitating drum circles, or thinking about starting one up for your area, or group.

Thanks kindly for helping to support independent musicians, and music. This website, text, music, & photos Copyright © Shannon Ratigan 1999 - 2019 All Rights Reserved.

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